Eat Local for Less:
The Ultimate Guide to Opting Out of Our Broken Industrial Food System

Eat Local for Less is a how-to manual for choosing delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly, economically equitable food for your family. It’s the antidote to overpriced, boutique “natural” foods. It’s a guide for transforming your relationship with food from one-dimensional routine to multifaceted bliss. It shows readers how to buy local, organic, and sustainably grown food for less than they pay at the supermarket. It’s not written to persuade but to inform, with the goal of helping people act on the choice they’ve already made to eat purposefully and buy responsibly.

ISBN: 978-0-9855748-6-4
Nonfiction, Adult Trade Paperback, Food Writing. $17.95
Paper, 8.5 x 9, 288 pages with index. Printed on 100% post-consumer
recycled paper. Ebook available.
On Sale: April 7, 2015
Distribution: Small Press United / IPG
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If you’ve had it with over-processed “convenience” foods, if you think food ought to come from a farm and not from a lab, if you believe food should be a right and not a commodity, if you miss the way food tasted when you were a kid, then you might just be ready to opt out. The goal of this book is to help you feed yourself and your family in a manner that is harmonious with your worldview. You really can derive more pleasure from your meals, enjoy better health, experience a deeper connection with nature, nurture a robust local economy, and contribute to a more equitable world system—simply by sitting down to a lovingly prepared meal.

Inside the pages of Eat Local for Less, readers discover how to:

  • buy a tomato that actually tastes like a tomato
  • navigate CSAs, farmer’s markets, buyer’s clubs, co-ops, and more
  • fit cooking into a jam-packed lifestyle
  • get kids to eat their vegetables—and love them
  • eat locally to support global equality

Arming consumers with knowledge and confidence, Eat Local for Less shows readers how to bring what’s on their plates in line with what’s in their hearts.

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